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What do you think about recognition and release of political prisoners?

Monday, January 14
“I do not believe that the country has such an amount of political prisoners; even under the dictatorship situation it is not so bad. I think that while deciding the status of politically motivated imprisonment, a more serious and attentive approach is needed.”
Tiko, social agent, 24

“Well, I think that it was a fair action and those people who were recognized as political prisoners should have been released.”
Natia, Student, 20

“I would say, the release of political prisoners per se is a positive fact. However, not all of them should have been released since some of them were guilty.”
Ernest, Economist, 25

“I think that Georgia does not have 190 political prisoners. Some of them might be illegal prisoners. However, this fact does not mean that they were political prisoners, especially if there are several on the list who committed concrete crime and the guilt was confirmed."
Nino, Journalist, 26

“I welcome the decision, but they should look through the heaviness of the crime they had committed.”
Mari, student, 23