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Georgia 21st in the economic freedom list

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 15
The Heritage Foundation, together with the Wall Street Journal carried out its traditional annual research on economic freedom. In the list of countries Georgia received 21st place. Out of the former Soviet Union countries only Estonia is ahead resting at 13th place. Lithuania is 22nd, Armenia 38th, Latvia 55th, Kazakhstan 68, Azerbaijan 88th, Kyrgyzstan 89th, Moldova 115th, Tajikistan 131st, Russia 139th, Belorussia 154th, Ukraine 161st, Uzbekistan 162nd, and Turkmenistan 169th. In the list, Turkey is 69th, Iran - 168th, Hong-Kong is the leader of the rating followed by Singapore and Australia. The last numbers 175, 176, 177 are hold by Zimbabwe, Cuba and North Korea. Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Kosovo did not appear in the list.