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Can various Georgian political forces collaborate peacefully?

Tuesday, January 15
“Well, I think that cohabitation with some figures will be unimaginable. I do not think that current Georgian administration will manage to sit and decide things together peacefully as they have absolutely different views.”
Mano, Editor, 28

“I do not know about what cohabitation we are talking about. Those corrupt officials should be punished by the new government of Georgia that was elected by us. One of the main reasons why the people voted for the coalition was for former criminal officials to be punished. I disagree with providing any amnesty towards them.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“Sometimes our political sides show the ability of cohabitate, but this “sometimes” is quite rare and insufficient, I hope that they will realize the role and importance of cohabitation and it will be performed properly.”
Eka, bank employee, 24

“Considering Georgia's character, I don’t think it will ever be possible to establish cohabitation in the politics, this is sad fact but it is the truth.”
Nino, customer care manage, 35

“Cohabitation is not that hard to be achieved; only a simple will needs to exist and Georgian politicians have to realize that co-existence with the opposing political party is a better solution for them, rather than constant contradiction.”
Saba, economist, 32

“I think the word cohabitation is very shameful. For me it is another step of the Western policy against the Georgian people and justice. The West is thus trying to interfere into Georgian internal policy and make the Caucasian region an ordinary market.”
Nikoloz, geologist, 34

“Cohabitation between the political parties should not become the reason for pardoning criminals. I think the new Georgian government is not fighting for political power rather they pay more attention to the others’ opinions whereas constitution should be the supreme document for any country. I think freedom of political space cannot be achieved without establishing and ensuring the supremacy of law.”
Giorgi, Architect, 27