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Problems with economic growth

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 16
The current parliamentary opposition has been very critical of the moves of the new administration. It demanded that the ruling power immediately fulfill the promises it gave to the population. For instance, the opposition criticized the current administration for decreasing electricity tariffs by only for 3.5 tetris, lifting the responsibility of their own initiatives while ruling the country which increased electricity tariffs. It appeared it was possible to keep tariffs at least by 3.5 tetris. What the UNM has done wrong while governing it now wants the Georgian Dream administration to correct it. The parliamentary minority also criticizes the current administration for slowing down investments in Georgia. Once again the current difficulties are coming from the unwise policy of the former leadership because since 2009, the level of investments gradually slowed down in Georgia after the Georgian-Russian war and the new administration has not yet started the full-length economic programs and plans because practically functions for only three months. During the transitional period and change of government, economic activities slow down anyway in the world. Meanwhile, the Georgian Parliament is working hard to implement the necessary amendments in the legislation to make the country’s economy more attractive and to move in the right direction.