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Compiled by Ana Robakidze
Wednesday, January 16
Georgia and Russia may negotiate spy exchange

Rezonansi reports that 9 military officials were arrested in Russia and accused of spying in favor of Georgia. One of the arrested individuals is a Georgian citizen. The retired Colonel Beso Aladashvili said that the previous Georgian government did not do anything in order to protect human rights and help to improve their conditions.

Military experts say it is cynical when President Saakashvili talks about the possibility that prisoners charged for spying for Russia and were set free after the law on amnesty went into power, could be exchanged for those arrested in Russia with the same charges. Aladashvili says there have been chances of exchanging prisoners previously, but the government never took the chance to. He says that the new government should not be criticized, when the previous government has not done anything possible for legal or social protection of those who were arrested in Russia and needed protection.

Why Georgian products do not go to EU market?

The leader of Georgian Green Party Giorgi Gachechiladze told the newspaper Akhali Taoba that after the Rose Revolution, the European Union requested from Georgia certain amendments in its labour law, which would have made sure that the rights of both employee and employer are protected. The EU also wanted Georgia to create a strict system of sanitary norms and quality protection and establish an anti-monopoly system..

The leader of Green Party says that in the case we do not restore the agricultural sector, the country will face not only food safety but also demographic problems. The article also reads that Georgia should follow the United Nations project, which asks all countries to provide its citizens with food.