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What do you think about the release of the latest scandalous hidden video/audio materials?

Wednesday, January 16
“I believe that spreading such video-audio materials is horrible. They should not be available for mass discussion. Police structures should think about the people and their reputation that are reflected on such videos."
Levan, Student, 21

“In my opinion spreading such videos should be abolished as they violate human rights.”
Nino, NGO representative, 24

“I think constant publication of such materials is undermining journalism ethics.”
Lile, Journalist, 24

“I think there was nothing special in the materials recently released by the prosecutor’s office but the person named as the “author” of the video must be a really terrible man for ordering the recording of the compromising materials.”
Keti, MA Student, 25

“I was not against releasing such materials even before because for me it is the best evidence. I just think that not everyone should have access to them.”
Akaki, Economist, 23

“In my opinion it is a interference in human right, moreover it is violation of rights, and I do not accept the idea to show such videos publicly.”
Jaba, Student, 20

“I do not see the problem in it, if the material contains valuable or useful information for society it should be shown, unfortunately I have not seen the latest video but anyway I think that it is quite ok to show such videos.”
Dato, physicist, 24