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How do you think is the current Georgian government dealing with its responsibilities?

Thursday, January 17
“People expected some kind of magic, I mean when they came, people thought that everything would be fixed immediately, but it's impossible and I think that our government is doing fine.”
Nutsa, Student, 19

“I like two ministers: Tea Tsulukiani and Irakli Alasania. I think that their actions are really professional and profitable for the country. The rest of them more or less carry out their obligations. There are some others as well I dislike. I did not like when Minister of Finance took bonus together with salary.”
Avtandil, Economist, 27

“I think that it is quite early to make conclusions now; it requires time… currently I can see both strong and weak sides of the new Georgian government.”
Saba, Student, 18

“It is early to evaluate the new government. It will be wiser to estimate their achievements in a year at least.”
Akaki, Economist, 23

“I think that it is too early to estimate their acts regarding their responsibilities, let’s give them some time and then see the consequences.”
Lela, customs service officer, 23

“I personally did not expect that everything would be changed immediately and accordingly, I am waiting for the changes in the country. Currently however, I see some positive steps taken in country.”
Diana, accountant, 24

"Don't even know. They've been in office for only a few months so I'm still watching."
Nino, manager, 32

"Well I don't have any major complaints yet, but considering our experience with the previous governments I can't be very optimistic"
Salome, service agent, 25