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Friday, January 18
UNM plans to use offshore accounts for provocations

In an interview to Alia, one of the founders of Ara (No) Movement, Levan Chitadze, is suspicious about the financial conditions of President Mikheil Saakashvili’s governance. According to Chitadze, United National Movement (UNM) members have accounts registered offshore which the Georgian law enforcers cannot identify. “Even if you know whom these accounts belong to, it's impossible to officially prove that,” Chitadze says, adding that during their 9 years of governance the UNM has laundered billions of GEL through that method.

Chitadze thinks that Saakashvili’s government may carry out investments to Georgia hidden behind the Swiss, Canadian or other country’s name. “When the people standing behind these companies will become known, the Prosecutor’s Office will find it easier to open all the economic crimes very easily,” he says. According to Chitadze, the next question will be "where did these people get these billions?" Without specifying the exact names of his sources, Chitadze said he was informed that the UNM already plans some provoking steps. “Saakashvili and Ugulava are going to create different brand companies producing similar products with different representatives in Georgia with the offshore money,” informs Chitadze, stressing that UNM plans to gain power over the market and manipulate with products.

Ministry of Finance studies the case of New Energy

The construction of the Tbilisi-Rustavi motorway has been suspended. According to the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Davit Narmania, a new tender will be announced. Liberali writes that New Energy Company had to carry out a 98 million USD road project during the two years. The same company was in charge of Kobi-Gudauri rehabilitation as well. However, Narmania said in December 2012 that the company does not seem to have enough resources to finish the projects. “We are sending information to the Finance Ministry to investigate the assets and obligations of this company,” said Narmania.

The Ministry of Finance cannot reveal any news about New Energy until the investigation is over. New Energy Company has carried out 7-8 projects. It received the biggest projects since the Georgian-Russian war in 2008. According to the report of Transparency International Georgia, New Energy Company has received 95 million GEL from the amount of 135 million issued on constructions of the houses for IDPs.

Liberali reads that the founder and owner of New Energy, Lukhum Kapanadze, was a classmate of UNM Secretary General Vano Merabishvili. Tbilisi City Court received New Energy’s statement about bankruptcy on December 3, 2012 and the judge ordered suspension of the company’s operations.