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Do you think that a verdict made by a jury on the former officials’ cases might be different from that made by a judge?

Friday, January 18
“Jurors are members of the society and they are from that environment which suffered much due to the government's actions. Therefore, I think that feelings of revenge might be present during discussion of the cases and the juror might be under the influence of negative feelings towards the former Georgian government.”
Irakli, Student, 20

“I do not think it is right. I consider that the jury might be partial in this case. I think, and I am sure that the defendant should be given the right to choose whether he wants his case to be discussed by the jury or not.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 24

“I think that the verdict made by the jury will be really different from that one that might be made by a single judge.”
Keti. Teacher, 24

“It is not that easy to answer the question. The judicial system in Georgia needs to be reformed fundamentally. Therefore, I don’t trust judges, nor can I be sure that a jury trial will work properly in this country and their verdict will be fair.”
Nino, manager, 38

“Well I hope for that. As I do not trust judges, especially if they work on scandalous cases, it is impossible for them not to appear under someone’s influence who is interested in the verdict and has enough power to cause pressure on the court. I think all this will be harder with the jury and different people who are selected randomly. “
Sophio, service agent, 30

“I think that the jury would make the same decision that the judge would make. “
Dato, student, 20

“A jury consists of 6 to 12 absolutely different people. The remarkable thing is that they are not lawyers and the decision, in my opinion, would be different. Not for all officials, but definitely for some.”
Eliso, teacher, 24