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Have there been any changes in Georgian-Russian relations since the October elections? If so, what have they been?

Tuesday, January 22
“I think that after the election the tone from Russian side became quite soft, I hope that it is the merit of good foreign political tactics and not because of Russia’s fabricated interests towards Georgia.”
Tiko, student, 22

“The meetings are frequent between these two countries, which in my opinion of course is a positive step, although I think that there should be caution taken in order to avoid some diplomatic problems.”
Eka, teacher, 27

“I think that Georgia is in need of the market and economic relationships with its neighbors, so I welcome the negotiations with Russia, as we clearly see the real positives from them, as an example we can see Georgian wine’s return on Russian market.”
Dato, engineer, 35

“I think that improving of relations is possible. After the elections there are some positive hints in this regard. I think that obvious changes in relations needs time, let’s see how the situation will change.”
Nana, medical student, 21

“I can not mention any changes in the relations. The same can be said regarding the period after the parliamentary elections.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I think that there are some positive changes regarding trade and the economic field after the parliamentary elections.”
Sopho, Social worker, 24

"I cannot yet specify and give examples. I think it is too early to judge but the ice has somehow started to melt."
Keti, MA Student, 25