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Does the strike of yellow marshutkas create a problem for you? What do you know concerning the drivers demands and how fair are they?

Monday, January 28
“The absence of marshrutkas creates serious problems for me. Getting to work takes 1 hour instead of 40 minutes for me. Metro stations are overcrowded, sometimes it is even impossible to get in and taking a taxi is expensive….”
Mani, Editor, 28

“Of course their strike creates problems for me… I know that they are demanding the removal of status of individual entrepreneurs and the reduction of the price of daily payment for the budget. Their demands are partially fair.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“I think that the strike is fair as the price for marshrutkas, 80 tetris is really unjust….”
Eka, Dantist, 25

“I do not know exactly what the drivers demand. However, the situation is not profitable for me. I do not like buses and I do not often have money for taxi.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I think that the demands of the drivers are not fair. Their actions create problems for me. I have no idea why they demand a decrease in price when they have a really nice income.”
Natia, Student, 20

“I have so much to work at home currently that I did not even know that marshrutka drivers were on strike.”
Irakli, Probationer, 20

“The protest of course creates transportation problem for me but I understand the drivers’ demands and I am ready to bear their protest until the demands are satisfied.”
Nino, philologist, 47

“I know that one of their demands is a tariff decrease, accordingly I support and understated their protest reason, when the drivers feel our suffer we also should support them , so I hope that the companies responsible for solving the problem will react on time, and nobody will be upset.”
Achiko, student, 18

"It was a bit of inconvenience especially when I had no idea that drivers had gone on strike and found it out on the bus stop. I still don't know what their demands are. I still can take a bus but hopefully the strike will be over soon."
Nino, manager 34

"I own a car. I have not been inconvenienced because of the strike, but many people have been, as marshrutka still remains to be the most efficient public transport. I'm not sure what demands the drivers have. However, I hope they can negotiate with the company holders."
Saba, lawyer 25