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What possible outcomes can Patriarch's visit to Moscow bring to Georgian-Russian relations?

Tuesday, January 29
“Well, I think that there might be a few positive changes in the relations of the two countries but nothing very significant, as the Russians will not concede their position for the sake of the Georgian Patriarch.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I think that the relations between Georgia and the Russian Federation will be improved only in the case that Georgia obeys Russian demands.”
Nikoloz, cameraman, 25

“I think that the meetings in Russia were really historical and they will be positively reflected in Georgia-Russian relations. The Georgian Patriarch is very much appreciated within the Russian Patriarchate and has serious influence in the Russia; as well as serious contacts with officials.”
Aluda, Engineer, 39

“I am sure that after the Patriarch’s visit to Russia there will be positive moves between the two countries.”
Zaza, Economist, 37

“I do not think that anything can change.”
Nikoloz, architect, 31

“I am waiting for the best outcomes – restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity and return of IDPs to their original homes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”
Tamta, Translator, 23

“I think that the main aim of this visit was to warm the frozen relationship between Russia and Georgia. In my opinion, the step forward is made because the patriarch is a figure whose opinion is highly appreciated from the Georgian side and from Russia as well.”
Beka, mathematician, 28

“From my point of view it will have a positive outcome, because they tried other ways (diplomatic, political) to find a common language with Russia and I think that this will give good result to restore the health of the relationship with our neighbor.”
Maiko, bank employee, 26