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Examination 4+4 model is approved

By Keti Arjevanidze
Wednesday, January 30
Graduation exams for the 2012-2013 academic year will be conducted in two stages. They will use the so called 4+4 model which is used in Western style educational systems. The first stage consists of four subjects and will be held from February 15 to May 1; the second stage will be held May 20-29.

Schools decide the form of the examination in certain subjects and the examination schedule. School graduates and those who do want to take the secondary education certificate are eligible to participate in the examinations.

“From February 15 to May 1, students have to take exams in those subjects, which they have finished at that time, these are geography and science disciplines,” explained Aluda Goglichidze, the Education and Science Deputy Minister.

The other four exams will be in literature, history, math and foreign languages. After successfully passing these exams, a school graduate is allowed to participate in the university entrance exams called “United National Examination.”

In order to become a student, secondary school students have to pass three obligatory exams: Georgian language and literature; foreign language and general abilities. Whether they need to take the fourth exam or not depends on the desired faculty determined by the university.

Director of the National Examination Center (NAEC), Maia Miminoshvili, stated that the registration of graduates entering the university will start in March. Miminoshvili admitted that despite her promise not to implement changes in the examination system, the last changes are simplified and will not cause any problems for students.

She added that until the exam date, graduates are allowed to change the faculties and they are not limited in faculty order and their quantity. “This system provides a more realistic choice,” said the NAEC director.

According to Miminsoshvili, graduates often find it difficult to make a choice among the future professions and this is why this process is becoming flexible.

Miminoshvili also commented on the state grant issue and stated that in the current year, three types of grants will be given: 100%, 70% and 50%. For this academic year, the 30% financing has been abolished.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Goglichidze spoke of changes in the said Master Degree examinations, saying that potential masters will not take the same level test as before.

An announcement of the ministry reads that various types of tests are being processed for them. “The exam will coincide with their future profession,” the ministry reports.

Registration for the Master’s Degree exams begins in March together with the Bachelor’s Degree entrants.

Registration can only be submitted online on the official website of NAEC: