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Wednesday, January 30
Are negotiations about returning to CIS underway?

“Georgia’s return to the CIS depends only on the will of this country and none of the other states will be against such a decision,” Head of CIS’s first department of Russian Foreign Ministry Mikhail Evdokimov told the media. He added that negotiations with Georgia are underway. However, Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Georgian Parliament, Tedo Japaridze, is not familiarized with the issue. He said Georgia has chosen a different political direction and it is absolutely unacceptable for the country to return to the CIS.

Davit Kirvalidze: over 600 000 people will receive vouchers for spring activities

Tabula reports that Minister of Agriculture Davit Kirvalidze said preparations for spring activities has finished. The Minister said 800 plots have been studied and over 600 000 people will receive at least 300 GEL vouchers for carrying out spring activities. The amount of money will be defined according to the individual areas. The Minister said around 600-700 million GEL will be issued for covering all the expenses. The distribution of vouchers will start soon.

Meanwhile Georgian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that the amount of compensations disappointed several residents of Kakheti. For the last week, several of the families damaged by the heavy rainstorm last summer held protest rallies in Lagodekhi. Over 500 people complained after receiving small compensations for the damage. Mariam Alavidze and Mamuka Mikeladze were among the protesters. Although they received 1,500 GEL last September, they hoped for the new government’s assistance. Mariam Alavidze said she only received 81 GEL, while Alavidze received 50.

Protest rallies were held in Telavi and Kvareli during the last week as well. Some residents of Chikaani believe that people receive compensations according to their political orientation.

Meanwhile, Cartu bank in Telavi continues distributing the compensation. Some families received a solid amount of money. Those with thousands of GEL compensation are already planning how they will use this money for spring farming activities and prepare the ground for producing the new harvest.