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Do you think religious wedding ceremony is enough and there is no need of civil marriage? What do you think of the wedding contract?

Wednesday, January 30
“Of course it is not enough (for me). I think that there is nothing awkward with a wedding contract, for Georgian sit is something new but soon I hope that it will become not only acceptable but desired as well.”
Mari, translator, 28

“In my opinion civil marriage is needed, also with the religious ceremony, these two events do not exclude each other and I support the existence of both of them. A wedding contract is not bad, but our Georgian mentality is such that it somehow is considered insulting for one of the spouses. ”
Giga, student, 21

“I think civil marriage is the most important ceremony in legal aspects, because it is an obligation not only to your spouse but also confirmation that you are ready to share your property with him/her.”
Eka, PR Manager, 34

“The marriage contract is a very important issue. Even if the couple feels uncomfortable at the beginning, it is a must-sign thing because in case of separation none of them will remain frustrated. Civil marriage is good because if the husband will be detained, the wife will not have the right to see him without the civil registration.”
Irina, Journalist, 24

“There are many couples in Georgia who get married at an early age and after a year or in shorter time they get divorced…this is an unpleasant statistic and childish actions that are prolonged in bad outcomes. In general, if such a couple has child, the child is in an unbeneficial situation as it has to live without a family. I think that in the case if everything will be arranged legally, problems will be less.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“I think that wedding in a civil mode and wedding contact are very important.”
Irakli, Editor in Chief, 28

“I consider that religious wedding ceremony is nice, however it has no legal basis. In the case there is some dispute concerning the property or some other things religious document has no power. However, there are countries where the religious ceremony has the same legal basis as a civil one.”
Aleksandre, Director, 40

“I believe that both types of weddings are important.”
Guka, Student, 19