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SES Project in Georgia - German experts in service for Georgian companies

Thursday, January 31
Senior Experts Servise (SES) - the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation - is the largest German volunteer placement organization for retired skilled and management professionals. SES sends German experts in different companies for consulting and training of the workers in their subject fields.

SES Experts can draw on many years of professional experience. They come equipped with knowhow from around 50 branches of industry, along with good social skills and, in many cases, good foreign language skills. The services of SES are mainly aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, public authorities, professional bodies and business associations, social and medical institutions as well as training institutions and schools.

The work of SES Experts is of a recommendatory nature, they do not perform management functions. The Experts project duration may last from 3 weeks to 6 months. Companies, who invite SES experts fund a share of the costs associated with SES assignments - those incurred at the assignment location and transportation (local and international). If foreign clients are unable to meet the cost of international travel, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) can provide funds.

For more information visit SES website: Please download the flyer in English, German and Russian. If you are interested in service of expert please contact us on following