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Minority demands law on foreign course

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, January 31
The United National Movement (UNM) pushed forward the initiative concerning Georgia’s foreign course. The draft concerning the issue was presented by member of the minority Giorgi Baramidze on January 30.

“The draft is pertains to the non-change of the country’s political course and consists of three points: continuing on the path towards NATO and the EU, continuation of the de-occupation policy and the rejection of membership in the CIS and Eurasian Union,” Baramidze stated.

According to Baramidze membership of CIS or Eurasian Union will create a serious threat for Georgia’s sovereignty.

The Georgian Dream responded to the initiative and underscored that the process in this direction had already been launched by the victorious team.

According to the Parliament chair Davit Usupashvili the Parliament’s foreign Committee chair Tedo Japaridze addressed all political groups on January 18 for inter-faction agreement regarding Georgia’s foreign course to be elaborated.

“Moreover, Japaridze delivered a document where the coalition’s foreign course is illustrated. The course was also supported by the previous government,” Usupashvili said, emphasizing that if the UNM wishes to get involved in the process, the coalition welcomes this.

Usupashvili also responded to the majority’s pretensions concerning the Japaridze document. One point of the document reads that Georgia should not be the confrontation reason between the west and Russia.

“The majority are ready to listen to the minority complaints... we are also ready to listen to all interested sides,” Usupashvili stated.

Some analysts claim that the UNM's initiative is simply a reflection of the losing party's phobias. According to analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili, on the one hand the UNM is trying to hide its fears due to the moves of the new government and on the other hand the minority is trying to discredit the coalition.

NGO sector representative and former deputy Foreign Minister Sergi Kapanadze states that the recent actions of the Georgian Dream are the cause of the doubts regarding Georgia’s future foreign orientation.