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Thursday, January 31
List of 18 ambassadors sent to president for confirmation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has sent a list of the candidates of new ambassadors to various countries to the president for confirmation. The document will be sent to the parliament after the president signs it and if there are no procedural obstructions, the parliament will discuss and approve the candidacies.

This time, Georgia will have new ambassadors in 18 states. Some of the previous ambassadors were dismissed by the ministry, some resigned and others have had their terms expire.

The candidacies of three ambassadors have been already announced - Eka Siradze-Delone will represent Georgia in France and UNESCO, Davit Aptsiauri to China and Mikheil Ukleba to Ukraine. (Rustavi 2)

Giorgi Sibashvili pleads not guilty

The former governor of Kakheti, Giorgi Sibashvili, has pleaded not guilty and is going to cooperate with the investigation. Sibashvili told IPN that he will provide the investigation with documentation that will prove his innocence. “I am now cooperating with the investigation and I will do so in the future,” Sibashvili said. The investigative service of the Ministry of Finance accuses Sibashvili of abusing his authority and the illegal misappropriation and spending of state property. If he is found guilty, he may face 11 years of detention. (IPN)

Juvenile probationers impressed with wood working

As part of the project “Public Benefit Activities”, initiated by CiDA, juveniles in conflict with the law along with representatives of the Leaders’ School attended a wood working lesson. Woodcrafter Oliver Shvelidze delivered a lesson to the young probationers and explained to them the art of wood craft and shared his knowledge to them.

At the end of the lesson, juvenile probationers observed the crafted wood objects made by Shvelidze and his students. They were impressed by the exhibition and expressed their will to learn more about this craftsmanship.

The project "Public Benefit Activities” is financed by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The event has also been held as a part of the “Support for Juvenile Justice Reform in National Minority Communities of Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe -Javakheti,” a project, funded by the European Union. The Messenger)

MoD: 'No Intention to Abolish Military Industrial Enterprise'

The Georgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) said it would maintain its military industrial enterprise and continue working on the development and manufacturing of combat vehicles, launched by the previous government.

Speaking at the National Defense Academy in Gori on January 29, President Saakashvili said that there were discussions within the Ministry of Defense about whether to keep the military research-technical center Delta. President Saakashvili said “it will be a huge mistake” if Georgia says no to the military industrial complex.

However, Deputy Defense Minister, Zaza Broladze said in response that the president “has been misled.” “The Georgian Ministry of Defense has no intention to abolish the military industrial enterprise Delta,” Broladze said.

“On the contrary, if previously military combat vehicles Lazika and Didgori had been designed according to the taste of certain politicians, currently, a new management of Delta is actively working together with professional military instructors and experts in order to take into consideration their competent opinion,” the Deputy Defense Minister said. (

Tender on Georgian Army Food Provision The Defence Ministry of Georgia announced a multi-year tender for the provision of improved and healthy food for the Georgian Army. Yesterday, the deputy Defence Minister of Georgia Zaza Broladze held a meeting with the representatives of about 50 companies willing to participate in the tender.

The companies participating in the tender are obliged to present a full package of service to the Defence Ministry. The object of the procurement is food provision to the various units of the Georgian Armed Forces located in the different regions of Georgia.

“The Ministry of Defence of Georgia announced the tender in order for the private companies to carry out food provision of the Georgian Army. For this purpose, we asked all the companies of this profile operating in Georgia to meet at the Defence Ministry and discuss those requirements and criteria to be included in the tender conditions together,” stated the deputy Defence Minister Zaza Broladze.

The companies participating in the tender are obliged to carry out the filling, care and repair of the food inventory at their own expense. The Ministry of Defence of Georgia undertakes responsibility to repair and maintain the facilities, as well as to cover the communal expenses. (Ministry of Defence)

National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection has a new Director

Ministry of Culture and Monument Projection introduced architect Merab Bochiodze as the new Director of the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection. Bochoidze previously held the position of Head of the Committee of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). (Ministry of Culture)

Nine Georgian athletes used performance-enhancing drugs in 2011-2012

Nine Georgian athletes have used illegal performance-enhancing drugs in 2011-2012, Chairperson of the anti-doping agency Paliko Kasradze said at the National Olympic Committee. The sportsmen were disqualified for two years, and also they were stripped of all the titles they gained.

Kasradze calls on sports federations and clubs, doctors, trainees and athletes to follow the demands of the international anti-doping code and follow the rules of competition. He worries that performance enhancing drug activity could increase and preventive measures must be taken to rule out banned substances and procedures. (IPN)