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What do you think about the products you buy every day? Do you think they are ecologically safe?

Thursday, January 31
“I do not think that the products that are being sold in the shops or markets are ecologically clean, that is why I never buy such products that do not have description of the ingredients and its expiration date.”
Manana, Journalist, 28

“I do not think they are ecologically free. Sausages and milk products– they have no immediate effect, physical symptoms of bacteria but I presume it's in the interests of the manufacturers to produce cheap products using low-quality materials and I don’t think there is any control over it.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 26

"I only can hope for that, as we do not have proper quality control on products, I can never be sure that I get healthy food. I usually go to markets where I can get raw products from farmers"
Nino, manager, 34

"I think only half of the products we get daily correspond to necessary standards especially imported products, which are not checked at the customs."
Nika, 22, student

“No they aren't ecologically clean but there is no choice. We all know this but unfortunately we can do nothing. If there were some state regulations which demand from the companies to export ecologically clean products, this would be nice.”
Sophio, Journalist, 24

“Unfortunately, mainly those products that are imported in the country are not appropriately controlled and thus, in major cases they are not ecologically clean. There are hypermarkets in Georgia where products are checked and one knows that the product is clean, but number of hypermarkets is small and they are on distant areas as well.”
Tekla, Pupil, 17