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100 days of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s government

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 5
100 days have passed since the new Georgian government under PM Ivanishvili began functioning. This period has been very full of events. In this time, the most active ministries were the interior ministry, and the ministries of defense and justice. The prosecutor’s office was also an active segment of the new leadership. Many cases have been launched during these days against former officials accused in violation of their official duties and accordingly, committing various criminal offenses.

It is interesting to observe the situation with the former ruling United National Movement (UNM). In the first several weeks, the UNM leadership was in complete shock. But slowly it started to recover. The country is now embroiled in a climate of of passive confrontation. The new leadership faces many challenges– unemployment, poverty and other social problems, failure within the agricultural sector and many other issues created during the former government.

Additional problems are created by Mikheil Saakashvili whose presidential term expired in January, 2013, but he still continues holding the president’s post. The UNM is getting ready for revenge, masterminding some wicked plans to return to power. The Georgian Dream meanwhile does its best to move the country forward although the legacy of the past government is rather difficult to overcome.