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Do you believe the President can cause unrest in the country if his power is not restricted?

Tuesday, February 5
“I do not think that the current president of Georgia can cause any unrest in the country. I also believe that the ongoing constitutional changes are being hastened, there is no need for such changes now.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“I think that the president has levers to cause unrest in the country and some measures should be taken so his power is restricted.”
Nuca, Student, 18

“No, he will not manage to cause any unrest I am sure!”
George, Musician, 22

“I cannot say whether the president can individually create any tension but the UNM parliamentary minority will not supposedly vote for the constitutional changes and follow their “promises” to discredit the new government.”
Akaki, Economist, 34

“Probably he can, considering the characteristics of the Georgian Constitution; imbalanced power may directly cause unrest in the country. We have to finally decide whether the country needs to be turned into a Presidential or Parliamentarian republic"
Tamar, Lawyer, 26

“I think President Saakashvili realizes that he is losing the political game in Georgia. I am very much interested in the speech Saakashvili is going to deliver at parliament on February 8. It will then become clear what he and his team really intend, and how they understand the meaning of “cohabitation.”
Salome, Translator, 29