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Georgia will export over 10 million bottles of wine to Russia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 6
The visit of a 7 member delegation to Moscow over returning Georgian wines and mineral waters to the Russian market was successful for the Georgian side. On February 4, the delegation met with the Russian Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Rospotrebnadzor head, Genady Onishenko. After the meeting, the Georgian side said that Georgia will export over 10 million bottles of wine to Russia. One bottle of the well-known Georgian brands Kindzmarauli,Tsinandali,Mukuzani or Khvanchkara, will cost around 300 Russian Rubles or approximately $10 USD.

Onishenko said that in the near future, the Russian delegation of analysts will visit Georgia to check the conditions at the wine factories. Georgian products should than be registered on the Russian market before export begins. Onishenko also added that over 60 Georgian enterprises expressed their readiness to export wine and mineral waters to Russia.

The export of Georgian products was banned by Russia in 2006, reportedly because of the low quality of Georgian products. Georgia condemned the allegations calling it a politically motivated step designed to undermine the Georgian economy. Russia also denied this..