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How would you assess the first 100 days of the Georgian Dream's governance?

Wednesday, February 6
“I think 100 days is too short of a period for any government to make significant progress, but I think the Georgian Dream has managed to take some interesting steps which have already caused confrontation within Georgian society. These steps include the Law on Amnesty, the withdrawal of Ambassadors, the PM’s visits to Azerbaijan and Armenia, negotiations over return of Georgian products to Russian market and the detention and later release of former state officials."
Salome, Translator, 27

“I don't think the new government has spoiled anything yet. However, I do not see any essential steps made by them yet. It should also be mentioned that 100 days is not much. However, people should be more demanding towards the government on order to get what the government promised.”
Levan, Student, 21

“I cannot be very accurate in my appraisals, as after the elections I decided to stay far from politics for some period and rest. One thing I can say is that Ivanishvili seems more sincere and certain members of the current government compared to our former leadership. The process of restoring justice is underway, some agricultural programs as well. I think that after some period it will be easier to judge the actions of the current government. However, this government is better more close to our attitudes and state values than the UNM government.”
Levan, Engineer, 25

“Currently situation is quite normal, especially in the frame when certain areas are not under control by the coalition. I think that the government should pay more attention on food safety issues.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

"Well I really like that they have started some moves toward settling relations with Russia, though they have to very careful. At the moment I'm very much looking forward to economic development and new investments. The negative aspect about the new government can be that sometimes they seem to be not very coordinated"
Nino, manager, 34

"Three months is not enough time to properly assess the government and the job they've done. I actually expected more active moves in the economic field. Good thing is that the new government does not seem to plan on building Lazika city"
Dato, IT support 25