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What do you think about the idea of wearing national costumes in Parliament?

Thursday, February 7
“I think Georgian national clothes are very unique and beautiful. If someone wants to wear it daily or at work, it is absolutely fine of course, but MPs should not be obliged to wear only national outfits during the parliamentary sessions.”
Nino, manager, 34.

“Well, our national clothes are really beautiful, but I think MPs should look modern and wear the formal clothes, as MPs in all other countries do”.
Nana, housewife, 54

“It does not seem so important to me if they do their job properly.”
Lile, Journalist, 24

“It is nobody’s business what people will wear in parliament or elsewhere.”
Eka, PR Manager, 31

“Well, I do not think that the issue should be the most essential for the current parliament. I think it will be better if the parliament is engaged with such issues that enjoy high public interest and carry vital importance for the public.”
Nino, Teacher, 24

“I wish it was the only problem for the country… if it is the only problem I would let them wear dresses even.”
Davit, Student, 20

“Well, in general I think that parliament members should be dressed formally, as for the traditional dress, I need time to think about the issue.”
Alika, Engineer, 40

“Well, I do not think that wearing traditional clothes at the parliament is a good idea.”
Ani, Student, 18