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Russian analyst supports reopening the railway between Russia and Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 8
Russian political analyst Nikolay Silaev (who recently visit Georgia) has mentioned that the reopening of the railway connecting Georgia and Russia through Abkhazia would be beneficial for Georgia. Apart from the fact that it will facilitate increased trade between the two countries, it would also contribute to creating more dialogue between Georgia and Abkhazia. Silaev also thinks that it will also be beneficial for Abkhazia. Meanwhile, Georgian analyst Sergi Kapanadze (from the NGO GRASS) thinks that this step is premature because other fundamental issues have yet to be decided. Kapanadze thinks that if the railway were to be reopened this would necessitate the free movement of people as well as goods through this transportation corridor. Kapanadze also thinks the opinion of the Abkhaz should be considered. Kapanadze believes that reopening the railway will not be beneficial to Georgia at all. However he added that if the reopening of the railway will help resolve the Abkhaz conflict then it should be considered.