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What do you think about Georgian Dream's decision to postpone the President's speech?

Friday, February 8
“In my opinion it has no real meaning. He should wait."
Levan, Engineer, 26

“Well, it has been suggested that the President should come to Parliament when Parliament gets back its power… to tell the truth I am interested in the real reason why the President’s speech was rejected for February 8th.”
Alika, Director, 40

“The President’s term has already expired and we are waiting for October when he will complete his artificially lengthened presidential term. If the people and Parliament are waiting peacefully for him to complete his term then he should take Parliament's views into consideration and wait to give his speech."
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I find it a childish decision. Now Saakashvili plans to deliver the speech from the National Library and thus demonstrate how Georgian Dream is trying to discredit him but it's in vain.”
Elene, Reporter, 24

"I do not think Georgian Dream members have been clear in giving the reasons why the speech has been postponed. It is Saakashvili’s constitutional right and duty. He will have to address Parliament sooner or later and the date will not change anything. "
Beka, Lawyer, 26

"I was a bit disappointed to hear that the speech had been postponed. I really wanted to hear what President has to say."
Nia, Customer Care Expert, 28