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Monday, February 11
Venice Commission - draft amendments to the organic Law on courts of general jurisdiction are democratic

Liberali reports that the head of the Venice Commission delegation, James Hamilton, said that although the amendments to the organic law on courts of the general jurisdiction on the formation of the Supreme Council of Justice match with the norms of democratic society, some problematic issues remain.

Hamilton did not approve of the fact that the proposed bill considers the introduction of the norms that suspend the rights of the acting members of the Supreme Council just after adoption of the law. Hamilton stressed the necessity for more consideration on this matter.

The head of Venice Commission delegation positively evaluated the fact that according to the proposed bill, the membership of the Council of Justice will be more depoliticized. “It is important that the president will not have the opportunity to elect two members of the council. The appointment of member judges by the conference of judges becomes more democratic, in particular, voting is secret and the head of the Supreme Court has no exclusive right to name the candidates,” Liberali cites Hamilton as saying.

Meanwhile Trend cited the Georgian Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani as saying the experts welcome the reduction of political content at the Supreme Council of Justice, positively assessing the fact that the judges will keep the majority.

The Venice Commission will present the final conclusion of the legislative amendments in March.

Government bodies begin using MagtiCom

State organizations, ministries and their departments became the corporate users of MagtiCom through a tender. Liberali reports that in previous times Geocell “carried that responsibility.”

The tender was carried out by the Competition and Procurement Agency on State Purchases on January 1, 2013, while no such tenders existed for the cellular telecommunication service. “A consolidated tender is one of the means for state purchase approved by the Georgian government,” the agency said.

Having the most affordable tariffs, the highest standard of service, the largest coverage and a full range of services, have enabled MagtiCom to win the tender, its officials website reads.

“In the conditions of a fair tender, MagtiCom has proved to offer the best price, quality and service,” say representatives of MagtiCom.

The agreement with MagtiCom will last until April 30, 2013. MagtiCom informs that the governing bodies will communicate with one another for free, thus the state will save expenses.