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How would you asses the incidents in front of the National Library? Who is responsible for the violation?

Monday, February 11
“I think that the former government should realize that there is much anger and within society due to their past activities and they should avoid public meetings with society. Concerning the incidents I believe that they knew the possible continuation of the situation but they deliberately went there and created provocations. Despite such an attempt, the current government is obliged to avoid such provocations and violations.”
Lia, Economist, 44

“It was a really regrettable fact… I think that the members of the 90th military gangs and personally Nana Kakabadze are responsible for the violations that took place in front of the Library building.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 24

“If there were some alternative ways to get inside the building the UNM members should have used them. The former government should have known that people would not have met them passively.”
Tato, marketing specialist, 22

“The fact is absolutely negative of course, and I sincerely hope all individuals involved in the incident will carry the legal responsibility. I believe that neither UNM nor GD can be blamed in this case. It just happened and only the bunch of angry people gathered outside the library need to be blamed for it."
Megi, service expert, 31

"It is really sad that such incident has happened, but I'm not surprised that political prisoners keep an extreme anger on the former government. I think UNM members had to use the alternative entrances to get in the library, rather than more provoking the people in the street and also hope that the Ministry of Internal affairs will make sure all individuals who were somehow involved in the incident and physically abused PMs are detained."
Irakli, lawyer, 25

“It destroyed all the ambitions what we had about a democratic country. The Ministry of Interior Affairs was responsible, but in this case the matter is not who is responsible. We should learn how to democratically solve our problems but not by beating people, whoever is they are.”
Tiko, teacher, 26

“In my opinion it was a provocation of newly released people from prison arrested by the previous government: a revenge wish. A lot of aggrieved people are out from prisons and they could not be quiet.”
Beka, student, 20