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Afghanistan experience from a woman's perspective

Tuesday, February 12
Manana Dumbadze, a prominent Georgian translator and PR expert, spent almost a year on as TAFA USAID project in Afghanistan and she wrote a book about her experience there. The book is called Afghanistan: Through the Key Hole of Baron Compound. The book’s title is very symbolic because while in Afghanistan Manana mostly stayed at the heavily fortified Baron Hotel in the suburbs of Kabul protected by security forces. Even the photos she took were from the windows of the armored car she was allowed to travel outside in. Despite the restrictions, Manana managed to contact some people and received an exceptional experience while the country was afire with civil confrontation and terrorism. She managed to fall in love with the country and with its people, who despite of the ongoing tragic events, managed to keep calm, quiet and confident, and reserved a sense of humor and dignity. The book is written with affection, respect and love towards the Afghan people. Although not a long period staying in the country, Manana managed to see deep inside the culture and mentality of the Afghan people. On the other hand, the book also reveals much of Manana’s personal nature and character. The book is written with a good sense of humor and once you start reading it's hard to stop

The Messenger would like to thank Manana for the book and wish her success in her future career.