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Did you watch the press conference of the President and the Parliament chair? What is your impression of the press conference and what do you expect will come from it?

Wednesday, February 13
“To say the truth I have not watched it. I had no time for it at that moment.”
Levan , Student, 21

“Yes, I watched it. It was an interesting meeting. Every time when Saakashvili meets with Usupashvili he looks like a child who always justifies himself and begs for his pardon…”
Otar, Student, 19

“I think that it was not an important meeting, well I do not think that it will impose any result. It was a formal meeting more.”
Aleksandre. Director, 40

“I think the Parliamentary chairman has expressed his strict position over the issues and showed that Georgian legislative body is a really strong structural body.”
Nikoloz, Writer. 28

“Actually I have become tired of the virtual cohabitation in my country because I think the Georgian Dream and United National Movement will always have some differences in opinions towards the issues. This is why I think they had better think of the people and people’s interest rather than their own ambitions.”
Elene, Teacher, 41

“Georgian political environment is unpredictable, so I don’t know what to expect. The conference was interesting to watch though. Hopefully both parties will somehow settle relations for the better future of the country.”
Nia, accountant, 37

First of all I am ashamed of the overall situation what happened outside the library, as it is a step way back to the past. I also agree with the president that the new government should not use former prisoners to make a riot and then don't blame the head of the municipality in provoking it.
Maka, Accountant

In my opinion, the majority in Parliament will not accept the president's opinion about the Parliament matter and for changes in the constitution. I expect nothing to change.
Sesili, Student