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Do you think Georgia’s foreign political course should be written in the constitution?

Thursday, February 14
“I'm against changing the constitution every time a new political power comes to office. We have a Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Ministry of Euro-Atlantic integration; it's their job to worry about this course. Leave the Constitution alone.”
Temo, Reporter, 29

“It may be determined in many ways, but in the constitution I do not know.”
Lile, PR Manager, 24

“I think that the main directions can be reflected through the constitution like Georgia’s path to NATO and European Union. There was not any note in the constitution concerning the issue during the former government. I do not think some detailed note regarding this is needed.”
Levan, a company employee, 25

“I think that it is a stupid step. Georgia’s foreign direction might be changed in 20 years for example, based on the country’s interests. Why the country should have some restrictions concerning the issue? The government in elected by the people and the people determine the country’s foreign course as well, everyone should understand this.”
Goga, Engineer, 45

“I think that Georgia’s foreign course should be necessarily reflected in the constitution. I think that it will be a smart decision and in Georgia’s interests.”
Saba, Student, 18

"It is absolutely unnecessary. Foreign policy may be changed in several years and we will have to start new Constitutional amendments."
Nia, personal assistant to director, 27