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How do you take care of your health in winter? Do you think any threat of H1N1?

Tuesday, February 19
I am trying to take care of myself, sometimes I forgot that health is essential thing for human to feel good. I know a lot of about h1n1 but I have no information other than that currently there is some threat of spreading the virus.
Nana, Student, 21

Well, in general I am trying to dress warmly and take of myself in such way. This is a general means for me to prevent catching viruses in winter.
Nino, facilitator, 24

I have no special measure for to care about myself in the winter period. I think that everyone should pay attention to health related issues.
Ketevan, Language specialist, 24

In general I do not like to dress warmly. However, I dont catch cold very easily. In case I don't feel well, I buy some pills for colds and drink tea several times a day. Fortunately I have never had such situation when I had to call a doctor. Some information is spreading that several persons died due to the virus. I do not think that it is a dangerous situation. However, if someone feels bad they should visit the doctor immediately.
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

I have witnessed how a small child has died at one of the hospitals, but I do not want to blame anyone. I just think that winter is a dangerous period of the year and all of us need special attention and care to keep the health.
Nino, Translator, 27

I am very afraid of epidemics, but I always follow the news of the healthcare ministry and consider their pieces of advice on how to act and what to eat.
Nodar, Musician, 34

"I usually visit my family doctor at least twice in winter to be sure I'm protected from viruses and my immunity is strong enough. I'm a bit concerned about H1N1, hopefully we will not end up with an epidemic."
Giorgi, data administrator, 26