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Do you think Georgian TV should release video materials on sensitive issues?

Wednesday, February 20
“There is no doubt that the footage containing sensitive materials should not be released by the media, especially when the case is about people’s death.”
Diana, social agent, 25

“I think in this case, the media often speculates and of course it is not right, so I reject private videos to be spread in the media.”
Dato, railway worker, 19

“Well, I think that the materials should be spread but in the frames of morality and taking those individuals into consideration who are reflected on the videos and the relatives of those persons’ relatives as well. Everything has its limits.”
Nana, Student, 21

“Media should be careful during broadcasting such issues. The TV media in general is trying to increase its rating and in the case if it has video material that might impose public attention, those channels do not think about sensitivity… in such situations the media should think to represent only such parts that will not irritate or depress the public too much and at the same time satisfy their interests.”
Irakli, Student of law, 20

“The more sensitive the issue, the higher the rating go… in case if such video materials are released I am not against as society will get such information in what they are interested in and at the same time without some corrections.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

"I think we Georgians are too emotional to bear watching sensitive materials like murders, kidnapping and rape, but this is all the part of our life and I think TV should definitely spread the material however sensitive it is. It is their obligation to keep people informed of things happening around."
Nodar, Producer, 36

"I was shocked and angry to see the material about Robakidze's case. It looks like very badly faked evidence made by a person who is believed to be guilty of Robakidze's death and who tries his best to survive from detention."
Elene, Teacher, 36