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Georgia facing demographic problems

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, February 21
Since its independence, Georgia started to face serious demographic problems. Different scholars involved in this direction studying the situation in the country observe very dangerous tendencies and the development of a negative balance in this direction. The Georgian population is getting old, a large portion of young Georgians– mainly males, but some females, are leaving the country and emigrating to other countries. The tendency of getting married in late 20s and giving birth for only one child is also a problem. This is mainly due to the problems in the country’s economy. The high level of unemployment also forces the younger generation to refrain from having a family and children. Azerbaijan's population is increasing as well as the population in Armenia. Georgia's population is decreasing. The Georgian Orthodox Church, as well as some segment of civil society, is making some efforts in the direction of improving the situation, though it needs more energetic, solid and consistent state efforts.