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Should the majority agree on constitutional changes at expense of full amnesty for all former state servants but the president, ministers and parliament members?

Thursday, February 21
I think the both sides should agree on the constitutional changes only because our current state document is really controversial and needs serious legislative improvements.
Dato, Manager, 34

I do not think all the former state officials should be released through amnesty because some of them may have committed serious crimes when holding their high ranking positions. I do not actually approve of the amnesty at all, however state figures differ from ordinary citizens this is why I do not support the idea.
Elene, Sociologist, 26

I do not think that they should agree on the constitutional changes at the expense of such issues everyone who has committed a crime should be punished and answer for all wrong doings.
Ani, Teacher, 24

I think that the United National Movement is going back to its old ways and is trying to gain from any situation they can. The main care of the UNM members currently is how to save themselves and create a situation where they will not to be imprisoned. Over the years the members of the former government has been doing illegal things and now they want to be pardoned and live happily. In case if the current government agreed on such a suggestion, people would not have pardoned such a step. Moreover, I am even against partial amnesty for them.
Gvantsa, Language specialist, 25

I think that despite such demand, majority and minority members should agree concerning the constitutional changes.
Nino, Journalist, 26

I think that such suggestions from the UNM are unserious, but to be honest, I did not think that they would offer something else, or would act in a different way, it describes them.
Dato, student, 20

They play the game that they even do not understand, so I agree with GDs decision, not to go on this offer-to obey their suggestion.
Tiko, philologist, 32