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Do you think the legal proceedings against Mayor Gigi Ugulava are fair?

Monday, February 25
"I think that Ugulava must be punished for all crimes he has committed and he must be forced to give back all the money he had used illegally."
Goga, Engineer, 45

"I do not know the details of the case. However I was watching television the day he was accused... he looked very frightened. He was just called into questioning and he was so scared...if he were innocent he would not be so afraid."
Lasha. Musician, 30

"As far as I know the accusations against Ugulava are very serious and the investigation will need strong arguments and evidence to prove Ugulava's guilt."
Zaur, Employed, 25

"I think that the process is very fair and I think the trial will result in the accused person's guilt being proved."
Ninuki, Student, 21

"Although I am a future lawyer, I hesitate to share my opinion over political cases."
Ani, BA Student, 20

"Well, I am sure that the case against Ugulava is absolutely justified. I think that the current Mayor should be arrested."
Levan, Student, 21

"I think the new government should continue fulfilling their election promises instead of accusing their predecessors of violations because people are getting really tired of the constant court sessions and releases on bail. I think Ugulava is just one part of the criminal chain but there is not enough evidence to prove it."
Giorgi, Manager, 26