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Do you think Georgia will get visa liberalization? Is this issue important for you?

Tuesday, February 26
“I think that the issue is not really important for me, but could be useful for students, so I would like Georgia to have a simplified visa procedure.”
Tako, Translator, 24

“I think that Georgia in this term will really get simplified visa.”
Ketevan, language specialist, 24

“Well, I think that liberalization of the visa regime will be profitable for the country. However, I do not think that the country can achieve this aim in the near future. At the same time there are some obligations a visa-free regime requires of the country. Currently, Georgia is not completely ready for such obligations in my opinion.”
Gvantsa, teacher, 25

“Yes, it is quite important and I think we will get it.”
Salome, MA Student, 23

“It is a very important issue for me. When I was a student I often used to travel abroad while after graduation the situation changed. I absolutely welcome visa liberalisation and hope that the situation will soon change.”
Mari, Journalist, 24

“Visa liberalization process is generally very important on the way to the EU, but it will take us several more year to achieve the goal. However, even if we finally enter the visa free zone in the future, I don’t think many Georgians will be able to afford to travel abroad frequently as airplane tickets are still very expensive for an average Georgian citizen.”
Nia, receptionist, 34

"The issue is important of course, I don’t want to pay an extra 35 or 50 EUR just to receive permission to enter an EU member country. Also, it requires several days to apply for and receive the visa, causing lot of troubles”.
Nino, student, 19