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How fair was the court's decision to release the Tbilisi mayor from charges?

Wednesday, February 27
“Well, I think that the decision on Ugulava was not fair. Until Kote Kublashvili is the chair of the Supreme Court, fair decisions will not be made, especially against members of the United National Movement, as Kublashvili himself is closely allied with the former officials.”
Nana, Medical Student, 21

“In our country, justice is a slave of a political situation. I think that nothing will be changed in this direction in the near future.”
Gera, Journalist, 38

“The United National Movement has decided to use all the levers available. The situation is quite hard for the UNM and the investigation is going to President Saakashvili. Despite the fact the UNM has sacrificed some of its members from the lower levers, high rank former officials will not be able to run from justice. Ugulava will be punished and after him Saakashvili’s turn will come.”
Lasha, IT specialist, 30

“I think that the previous government created such a court that it is not possible to deconstruct it currently. I think that the court took the decision that was already decided by the UNM, so the GD’s first aim should be to create an independent court.”
Dato, Bank employee, 26

“I have a negative attitude towards the court’s decision, Ugulava must not be released. I do not agree with the decision to release him on bail, this is an unrealistic amount of money. I reject the court’s decision of his release.”
Mari, journalist, 23

"The Georgian court has been far from being impartial for many years now, so I was not shocked by the decision. Moreover, I was surprised to see that Kezerashvili was left detained. Our judicial system is still controlled by the UNM."
Megi, accountant, 41

"The decision was quite predictable considering how incompetent our court is. Also United National Movement still can make a lot of pressure on the judicial system of the country, so it was natural that one of the leaders of the party was released."
Nia, office manager, 27

“I think he needs to be proven guilty before people arrive at such hasty, undemocratic decisions. Implicating someone in guilt before a trial has been conducted is silly. This is not how a democracy works.”
William, media professional