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Fire ceased, investigation underway

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, February 28
Over 50 shops in 6, 000 square meters of space in emporium Saba, located in the Didube district, burned to the ground after Tuesday’s fire. Around 20 tankers, 3 special cars and rescue teams were working during the whole night on-site; no casualties were reported.

As a result of the fire, the second floor of the building completely burnt and was partially destroyed. The traders managed to take out the furniture from the part where the fire did not spread. The exact reason of fire is has not been determined yet, an electrical fault was supposed as one of the causes. However, emporium owner, Paata Kacharava excluded this reason. He said that after 7 pm, the electricity is automatically turned off. He thinks fire could have been caused on purpose.

Kacharava announced that the losses amount to several million GEL. He added that the emporium offers free alternative spaces to those traders who lost trade spaces.

Tbilisi City Mayor, Gigi Ugulava and Gldani-Nadzaladaevi district governor, Nodar Sandukhadze visited the building. The Mayor ordered Gldani-Nadzaladevi district governor, to carry out the appropriate actions.

According to City Hall, the mayor’s office will cover the loss when the exact amount in damage will be revealed.

Sandukhadze stated that a working group will be created including district administration and the City Hall representatives to document the individual losses of the affected people by the fire. Afterwards, the measurements will be taken in order to decide what kind of support the affected traders will receive.

Temur Giorgadze, head of the Emergency and Urgent situations Management Agency said that the agency is completely mobilized, though he said that there is no danger expected but admitted that the loss is very big.

Giorgadze said that it is too early to speak about it, as the investigation service is working on the issue and soon it will be determined. Giorgadze stated that there were a lot of witnesses, which will help the investigation to go on in a direct way.

Levan Kasradze, one of the firemen working on the spot, continued Giorgadze’s statement saying that there is no danger of the fire spreading.

Manana Narmania, who was affected by the fire, worried that some of the workers in the emporium had bank credits and thus were conducting their business activity, now they are left without hope, they ask for the help from the government.