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Who is responsible for children living or working in streets?

Thursday, February 28
“It is government’s responsibility to provide these children with homes and necessary assistance for sure.”
Lile, PR Manager, 24

“I think the government should take the major responsibility over homeless children who make their living through begging, but each member of our society should also raise awareness and offer some solution.”
Zakaria, Reporter, 22

“I think the government should create the relevant mechanisms for such children and the society should then participate in the development of these mechanisms.”
Marekh, MA Student, 26

“Obviously the government is mainly responsible. Some special programs should exist for such people. I know some NGOs who care and help these children but it is not enough.”
Magda, Philologist, 31

“Both, the government as well as the society are responsible for children living in the streets. Children are our future and we are literary losing them to poverty. I believe the government can afford to build shelters for these children and provide them with access to proper education, so they could become full members of the society and we should help them with it.”
Saba, lawyer, 25

“Government should be the first to deal with the problem, but ordinary people can also do a lot for these children. Just we need to be more organized.”
Neli, housewife, 49

“In my opinion the government should take the responsibility on them, but there are several organizations that also should direct their attention towards this issue, but mainly the government should be responsible for them.”
Beka, student, 21