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Political egoism vs state interests

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 4
The Georgian Dream and the United National Movement (UNM) parties accuse each other of not adopting the joint document at the European Parliament several days ago. Mikheil Saakashvili informed the Georgian people that a very important resolution was rejected by EU legislators due to arguments among the bipartisan Georgian delegation members.

Upon the return of the delegation, the details became known that UNM representatives wanted the document to have a special paragraph dedicated to the events that took place on February 8, 2013 when a confrontation took place in front of the Georgian National Library. The UNM wanted this event to be qualified as a political pursuit.

Of course Georgian Dream members did not support this article; therefore it was not adopted. UNM representative Giorgi Vashadze claimed that amendment was not a UNM initiative but, a position of the European Parliament members.

Political analysts and politicians in Georgia agree that it is embarrassing when internal Georgian issues are discussed openly at the international level. Even if a consensus could not have been reached in Georgia, the discord should not be taken public.

The confrontation on the domestic level and making it public damages the countryís image. There is an opinion among the Georgian people that the countryís former administration headed by Saakashvili is trying to undermine the ruling Georgian Dream coalition by attempting to damage its reputation.

For example, Saakashviliís comments contained insulting details about the Russian delegation that was in Georgia to monitor the production of Georgian wines. Saakashvili and his team are constantly making false statements that the current Georgiana administration refuses to follow Western development. Meanwhile the Georgian Dream has repeated and highlighted its commitment to Georgia's Western orientation.

The UNM uses its contacts as well as lobbyist activities to create problems for the Georgian Dream. So the local battle for political gains has received an international character. The interests of the country are damaged but it looks like the UNM does not care.