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Do you celebrate Mother’s day?

Monday, March 4
Yes. Usually, we try to make our mother happy and buy an usual flower for her and try to be more kind to her.”
Saba, Student, 18

“It is not a celebration day for me or my family, but my brother and I always buy some flowers for our mother.”
Nino, Student, 19

“I kissed and hugged my mom. That's all for now.”
Sophio, Journalist, 29

“No! I do not find any reason to celebrate it.”
Giorgi, Sociologist, 32

“Yes I have given my mother presents and hugs.”
Ninia, MA Student, 22

“No, I just bought flowers to my mother.”
Salome, Reporter, 21

“I celebrate this date with my mother but not in a very special way. I just kissed her and wished all the best just after 12 am. I am still thinking of the present for her, but cannot yet choose anything.”
Dato, Historian, 31

“No as I am also a mom I think that every day is Mom's day! No special celebrations are needed.”
Anuka, Editor, 26

“As soon as soon arose I came to my mother’s bed and practically cried ‘happy mother’s day’ she was so frightened that she nearly fell down from the bed.”
Alika, Engineer, 40

“This is the only day that I most of all like to congratulate to women. And I do celebrate it, to be honest I was not original and only the flowers were my present to my mother, also I tried to be the first who congratulated my mother on this day.”
Tiko, student, 20