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How would you assess the post meeting statements made by the President and PM?

Tuesday, March 5
“I do not know… I feel they had a quarrel.”
Maia, Writer, 27

“I did not watch or listen to the comments of PM and President this is why it will be hard for me to judge.”
Dato, Geologist, 31

“I think it was a waste of time and from what I read, though his contradictory statements, the PM made it clear that he is unwilling to work with outside parties–especially the president and the UNM.”
William, resident, 40

“I think that the meeting caused no result as the former government is continuing its old tactics. I suppose that such kinds of meetings will not cause any result as the Georgian Dream will not deal with the UNM representatives…”
Georgi, Law student, 20

“I think that Saakashvili is far from reality and he could not believe that he is not the President of Georgia anymore.”
Nana, Student, 21

“It seems it was only meeting for the sake of a meeting.”
Lili, PR Manager, 26

“I think that Ivanishvili was clear with his statements; that cannot be said about Saakashvili, so the conclusion of the meeting is very easy, it was unproductive.”
Maia, bank employee, 27

“In my opinion this was one more game for UNM, and I hope that the GD will not participate in it and will show the patience in order to maintain the balance.”
Dato, student, 20