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What do you think why Dimitri Shashkin has returned and how the new government should act towards him?

Friday, March 8
“I think that none of the countries he visited needed such a useless person and that is why he came back. The Georgian Government and should investigate those issues concerning him. If he is guilty of something he should be punished, otherwise he should be left alone.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I consider that he and some other members of the UNM received guarantees of protection from the U.S. government and that is why he came back. The coalition should punish Saakashvili and his gang otherwise people will not forgive Georgian Dream's tolerance."
Goga, Engineer, 42

“I think Shashkin is sure that he has not committed any crimes…in case if he is detained he will pay the bail and be released.”
Mano, Editor, 27

“He has not yet been called in for questioning or arrested… I think that very soon something will be revealed against him and he will be detained.”
Guram, Photographer, 19

“In my opinion he would not return without having some guarantees from the Georgian government as well as the U.S."
Dato, student, 20

“I was shocked to hear he was back. I don’t even know what to think; probably he has some guarantees of safety either from the previous government or from the new one. If he is suspected of some crimes an investigation should start.”
Gia, economist, 46

“I don’t believe that he is absolutely innocent. Perhaps he isn't guilty of serious crimes like Akhalaia but he probably was involved in some violations committed during the previous goversnment. The Prosecutor's Office should investigate everything."
Neli, house wife. 51