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How often do you attend the concerts of foreign musicians in Georgia? Why?

Monday, March 11
“Sometimes I attend such concerts depending on the price of a ticket and musician. If I like the music and the price is affordable I definitely go to the concert.”
Ninia, MA Student, 23

“As a journalist I have the luxury of attending as many concerts of foreign musicians as possible because I work on the cultural issues thus it is my “obligation” to make a report on their visit, on the music they offer to Georgian public and their impressions.”
Elene, Journalist, 27

“I don't think there are frequent concerts in Georgia and especially given by foreign musicians and tickets are not always affordable."
Nini, office manager 27

“I‘ve never missed a single concert of a foreign or good Georgian musician. I've attend Tbilisi Jazz Festival every year, because I love music, it's my passion".
Paata, Architect, 45

“To tell you the truth, I do not attend the concerts of foreign musicians in Georgia. To attend the concerts requires time, money and the favorite musician. It also has meaning where the concert is held. Until now none of my favorite musicians arrived in Georgia.”
Shota, Student, 21

“I seldom attend the concerts of foreign musicians who arrive to Georgia. This due to a lack of time or sometimes too high cost of tickets.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“In case if some famous musician comes to Georgia I attend his concert, I try to always attend.”
Tato, Economist, 22

“If there is an opportunity I never refuse from it but unfortunately often the tickets are too expensive.”
Natia, Social agent, 24

“I attend quite often and often enjoy them, but there are concerts and singers invited to Georgia that are not acceptable for Georgian and a lot of money is spent unreasonably. For example, why on Enrique Iglesias was spent such amount of money?”
Beka, student 20