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Tuesday, March 12
NGOs comment on the resolution of Venice Commission

Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA), Transparency International Georgia and Georgian Lawyers for Independent Profession (GLIP), commented on the resolution of the Venice Commission on the Draft Amendments to the Organic Law on the Courts of General Jurisdiction of Georgia. Netgazeti reports that the three NGOs agree with the Venice Commission, stressing that most of the draft law reflects the recommendations of Georgian NGOs, which they have elaborated after several years of studying the shortcomings in the judiciary system.

By turning these recommendations into law, NGOs say the role of judges will increase, while the media will have an opportunity to air the court sessions they find interesting. Important steps will be made in terms of depoliticizing the High Council of Justice, as neither the president, nor Parliament MPs will have the right to appoint the members of the council.

However, Executive Director of TI Georgia, Eka Gigauri, said it is important that the Georgian sides agree upon the joint position to peacefully carry out the reforms, because she said the resolution of the Venice Commission did not fully consider the opinions of the Georgian Dream or the United National Movement.

Signs on boards should be written in Georgia

Chairman of Parliamentary Committee of Sector Economy and Economic Policy Zurab Tkemaladze proposed changes to the Law on Advertisements and the code of administrative violations. Liberali reports that according to the proposed changes, it will become mandatory to include Georgian definitions to the advertising boards; otherwise the violator will be fined.

The term “board” will have a special definition in law and it will be underlined that the advertising boards should be released on the entire Georgian territory in Georgia. However, it does not ban using inscription on any other language as well.