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Do you think there is any need of holding street rally with the demand of Georgia's pro-Western course?

Tuesday, March 12
“I think the holding of street rallies is meaningful in those states where there is a normal-democratic situation. Currently in Georgia, the holding of street rallies with any demand is useless.”
Nino, Facilitator, 24

“I think that street rallies have no meaning. It is Georgia and we are mainly dependent on foreign attitudes…”
Mariam, pupil, 17

“No I do not think it is unclear. The representatives of NATO delegation to Georgia say everything is clear except from the date of Georgia’s entering to NATO.”
Nini, MA Student, 24

“After the signing of the document on the country’s foreign policy orientation, I do not think it is necessary to hold protest rallies anymore. It would just have no reason for arranging a street meeting when you have no specific reasons and when the international society claims that Georgia has a very well defined pro-Western orientation.”
Merab, Musician, 31

“There is no need of course. People have been very precise about the foreign policy of the country and it does not seem to be changing. Parliament has also adopted the special resolution identifying the foreign policy, so any rallies and demonstrations will be extra I think.”
Ana, HR, 27

“Well the right to demonstrations is universal and everyone can use it. Though in this situation, I think it is unnecessary to hold any rallies to confirm that we are keeping our pro-West course.”
Nia, student, 20