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Thursday, March 14
UNM MP says if President will dismiss government and Parliament he will support his impeachment

In an interview with Kvela Siakhle, the United National Movement’s (UNM) Kako Bobokhidze said there are no discussions over the constitutional changes in the parliament. Bobokhidze said the UNM demanded increasing the number of necessary votes from two-thirds to three-fourths, as well as to constitutionally prove that Georgia has a Western orientation and its strict refusal to become the part of any organization dominated by Russia.

According to Bobokhidze, the president stressed earlier that only in the case that the ruling team will follow the two above mentioned demands, the UNM would support the proposed constitutional changes.

“Me and several minority MPs were ready to support the amendments if the majority would agree on our conditions,” Bobokidze said, adding that he does not find any problems in supporting the bill even without any preconditions. However, he said the tone of the ruling party MPs is not relevant. He said the UNM is ready to pay for the mistakes, but added that they have created such state institutions which operate successfully and it depends on the Georgian Dream how its leadership will further deal with the situation.

Bobokhidze said the president has the right to dismiss the government even today. However, he claimed Saakashvili will not use this right. “If the president tries to dismiss the government and parliament I am ready to support his impeachment,” he said, confident that no such thing will happen. He said the April 19 rally is not aimed against Georgia’s new leadership, but merely the expression of support towards the country’s Western orientation. He said the UNM has neither the will nor the resources to organize a state turn over.

iPhone+ complains against Maestro TV and Georgian Public Broadcaster

Media.Ge reports that iPhone+ plans to file a lawsuit against Maestro TV and GPB for misrepresenting the image of their company. According to the iPhone+ representatives, on March 9, the two TV companies made video reports about iPhone+ which made the viewers interpret it as if the company does not have quality products.

Manager of the company, Alexander Revazishvili said the stories did not fully reflect the position of his company but the journalist had used only 5% of his comment while the story included much more critical opinions of other people.

iPhone+ representatives accuse the TV companies of purposely discrediting the company, thus the company demands moral compensation and a public apology. However, after watching both video reports Media.Ge finds the both reports balanced.