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Do you think the Georgian universities meet European standards? What you like and what do you not like about Georgian high education?

Thursday, March 14
“I think that Georgian education system needs complete reforming, neither schools nor universities meet the standards, I mean the major part of them. There are several mainly private universities that provide really quality education. The state should think more on training of lecturers and introducing modern technology at the universities. Almost all the reforms that have been carried out in higher-education were not well-planned, and that makes negative influence on the education level.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“Of course our education system does not meet with European standards. However, we are still far from real standards. I just give one example. When I was writing my master’s thesis the rules and demands were too obscure, when in the foreign universities everything is defined clearly.”
Nino, Social Worker, 25

“I think some universities follow Western standards and some do not. It mainly depends on the owner or the head of university and their ability to allocate and manage the finances. However, I do not like administration and service of any of the universities I happened to study or just have some training.”
Mariam, MA Student, 24

“I graduated from one of the state universities during my BA studies and continued my MA at a private university and the difference between the studies is enormously high. State universities lack infrastructure and can hardly provide the students with the necessary tools they need for improving their knowledge, while the private universities provide the students with everything they need to feel that they are the future professionals of their own sphere.”
Elene, Journalist, 27

"Our education is far away from the European standards. However, we have enormous potential to be one of the best educational systems in Europe. I'm a graduate of the Tbilisi State University and can assure you that we had brilliant professors, but this is not enough, the system needs to be rebuilt, and also there is problems with infrastructure and study material, students do not have an enough access to necessary books."
Nia, lawyer, 27

"Neither state nor private universities meet European standards. The entire system of education needs to be changed and this should start from the schools, as even if we achieve high standards in universities, students won't be ready for it as the level of education in schools is getting worse every year."
Mary, housewife, 38