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What do you think about the idea of banning gambling in Georgia?

Friday, March 15
"I don't think it should be banned. I think everyone should decide for himself to gamble or not. If they want to do it is their choice and if there are negative results they should blame themselves."
Tamta, translator, 25

"I agree with the idea of banning gambling because a lot of people have lost money due to it. It is very rare to win anything. In my opinion, it would be better to create jobs for people who believe they can make their fortune through gambling."
Nikoloz, driver, 38

"I think it will be very hard to ban gambling in Georgia or anywhere else in the world. On the one hand it is a business for certain people and on the other hand, it is a source of “income” for people who may or may not have a job and want to win money. I personally don't like the idea of casinos or similar institutions, but in the 21st century everything has become available online, so that a person who is addicted to gambling will find alternative ways to do so. This will increase another country's budget."
Elene, psychologist, 26

"I think that special places should be allocated for gambling outside the capital as it is in the United States and gambling should be permitted only there."
Goga, engineer, 42

"I don't think that prohibiting gambling is the right decision as it would be a serious loss of income for the state budget… those who oppose gambling are opposing the freedom of choice."
Irakli, editor, 27

"I’m totally against gambling but prohibiting it will not work in Georgia, as gambling will continue to exist underground and will be nearly impossible to control. It would be better to keep it as a legal business but put some serious restrictions on it."
Katy, PR manager, 34

"If it is made illegal it will continue to exist underground. Perhaps it's wiser to allocate a particular place in the country where gambling would be permitted. The place should be outside the capital, of course."
Lasha, project officer, 27